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Early Intervention Models: Internal Focus

Internal Focus:
Methodology is based on entering the child’s ‘inside’ world. The interventions are child led, rather than led by the therapist. The therapist allows the child to choose what will happen during the session. The therapist attempts to engage and interact with the child, based on the child's interests. Therapies include:
DIR / FloortimePRT - Pivotal Response TrainingESDMT - Early Start Denver Model TherapyDIR / Floortime was developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. He was a child psychologist that devoted his professional efforts to helping children with autism and other developmental delays. DIR or Developmental Individual Relationship (DIR) and Floortime became synonymous with his theory that child development centers around the core elements of relationships, communication, behavior and thinking. Parents learn how to use his methods and his intervention system can be utilized at anytime, anywhere. To learn more visit

PRT - Pivotal Response…