Sensory Processing: Gross Motor Skills

Sensory Processing is the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of Autism Spectrum Disorders. We understand the world around us through our senses. This blog will focus on gross motor skills: difficulty with the grading of movement.

Difficulty with "Grading Of Movement”:
  • Misjudges how much to flex and extend muscles during tasks / activities (i.e., putting arms into sleeves or climbing)
  • Difficulty regulating pressure when writing / drawing; may be too light to see or so hard the tip of writing utensil breaks
  • Written work is messy and he / she often rips the paper when erasing
  • Always seems to be breaking objects and toys
  • Misjudges the weight of an object, such as a glass of juice, picking it up with too much force sending it flying or spilling, or with too little force and complaining about objects being too heavy
  • May not understand the idea of "heavy" or "light"; would not be able to hold two objects and tell you which weighs more
  • Seems to do everything with too much force; i.e., walking, slamming doors, pressing things too hard, slamming objects down
  • Plays with animals with too much force, often hurting them

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