15 Common Indicators of Autism Spectrum Disorders:

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  1. May avoid eye contact
  2. May prefer to be alone
  3. May echo words or phrases of others
  4. May spin objects / self or hand flapping
  5. May insist on sameness of daily routines
  6. May have difficulty interacting with others
  7. May have inappropriate attachments to objects 
  8. May be fixated on limited subjects of interest or pieces of objects
  9. May have inappropriate behavior - laughing / giggling or crying / screaming
  10. May not want to be held or cuddled
  11. May have inappropriate response to sights, sounds, tastes, smells
  12. May have no real fear of danger
  13. May have high tolerance for physical pain
  14. May use gestures to communicate with little age appropriate vocabulary
  15. May have unusual, sustained or repetitive play

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